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College Recruiting

For most Canadian athletes and parents, the US collegiate landscape is very much an unknown territory.


With the multitude of differences between colleges north and south of the border, more information is needed to help navigate the collegiate search process. 


Our recruiters - using NRS exclusive resources - can effectively help Canadian athletes and parents with this, and also guide players in the right direction to finding their dream school.



Scholarship Calculator



Our exclusive US & Canadian Collegiate database offers insight to over 1000 Schools; across all levels (NCAA, NJCAA, NAIA, OUA, CCBC).  This database of information covers pertinent school deadlines, preferred majors of study, internal grading of the baseball team & facilities, and academic scholarship amounts available to Canadians.


Our exclusive NRS Scholarship Calculator  will offer a full breakdown of what costs you should expect to be paying at each collegiate institution.  This real-time information can be very effective in terms of decision making, as well as negotiating with potential schools.


For most athletes and parents, navigating the collegiate recruitment calendars can be quite daunting.  Our recruiters will cover this planning for you, making sure that you are in compliance with recruitment calendars and other application deadlines.

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