Academic Counselling

One of the most neglected aspects of collegiate recruitment is a focus on academics.  As a Canadian athlete trying to play at the next level, NRS believes that academic achievement should be a players #1 priority. 


And we expect all of our athletes reflect this mindset.


An athlete with good academic standing can be the deciding factor of recruitment for a lot of coaches.  And for parents, the better a players grades are, the more scholarship money they are eligible for; opening up more potential opportunities.

At NRS, we offer all our athletes a full spectrum of academic coverage; both counselling current - and future - academic plans.  This coverage includes:

SAT® / ACT® Prep

As an incoming freshman to a US College or University, the SAT® or ACT® exams are a pre-requisite for entry.  Most institutions use these exams as a grading tool for both acceptance into an institution, but as a grading scale for academic scholarship amounts.

With their NRS recruiter, each athlete will determine what exam would be the best fit; based off of desired schools and locations.  Once decided upon, each NRS athlete will be involved in our SAT® / ACT® prep program; which offers in-class training by an accredited tutor before major testing dates each semester (Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall).  This offers the best opportunity for athletes to completely cover this integral aspect of the collegiate recruitment journey. 

High School Course Selection


Graduation Requirements

Navigating high school ​course selection - and graduation requirements - can be somewhat confusing for athletes and parents alike.  Each province has different courses and volunteer hour criterias needed in order to graduate, and this planning needs to be in line with what major a player would like to study at University or College.

Our NRS recruiters will help guide athletes to make sure they are registered in the right courses needed for their desired major.  As well, each player will be actively tracked to make sure that there are no missing requirements to graduate properly. 


Grade Point Average


NRS believes that self-actualization of academic importance is a major factor in successful collegiate athletes.  As such, each athlete will submit semestered report cards to their NRS recruiters for a Grade Point Average review.

For most Universities and Colleges, a cumulative GPA is an imperative part of the acceptance process.  By having athletes consistently review their work over the semester, NRS recruiters can make real-time strategies to improve our athletes academic standing.  As well, it provides another opprotunity for players to see the importance of what their GPA provides them at the next level.