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Canadian Student athletes have become very popular south of the border. Our youth have built strong reputations of having great work ethics, strong academics, and an innate ability to develop at the collegiate level.


Once a nation that was primarily known for hockey talent, we have become very strong in many different sports - specifically baseball.  In fact, 776 Canadians are currently playing in the US for many institutions, at various levels.

However, there are two main problems in Canada currently that inhibit more players from attending US colleges & universities:



That is where NRS Comes in.

National Recruiters for Sport (NRS) was created in order to help fix the two stated problems, all the while offering an opportunity for high level Canadian players to give back.

Our extraordinary team of recruiters are all current (or former) professional baseball players; allowing for unprecedented insight into what it takes to get to the next level.


As well, these recruiters will provide their professional expertise; helping guide, elevate, and nurture student athletes - and their families - through the daunting process of choosing the right post-secondary institution. 

As for exposure, NRS provides annual showcase opportunities for Canadian athletes to show off their skills on the field in front of US & Canadian colleges.  These showcases offer an opportunity for proper collegiate exposure, without playing south of the border. 

Combining the knowledge of our recruiters with the high-quality exposure our showcases provide, we feel that NRS will positively change the Canadian baseball community as whole.  In turn, ushering a new way in which top Canadian athletes get recruited.

We're here to help you succeed.


We're here to help you make the right choices.

We're here to make sure you develop properly.

We're here for you. 


Because we were you.



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